Nadine Powell Costume

Nadine is a costume designer who has been working in the costume industry for over fifteen years.

She has experience in designing for large and small productions, features and episodic television, covering many different periods, contemporary costume and drama.

Nadine also has experience in designing for children’s television, having designed a  children’s drama for two seasons.

On the pages of this website you will find examples of some of Nadine’s work, much of which has been designed from sketch level through all of the costume making processes involved, sourcing and buying fabrics, dyeing, printing, making, embellishing and breaking down.

Nadine is also very experienced in working with stunts, large crowd numbers, tight deadlines, buying, publicity and all of the elements involved in facilitating a large shoot.

In addition to costume design Nadine also owns a large collection of original period clothing that can be used for costume and styling, or as inspiration and reference.



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